Accredited ADHD Coaching Courses


Organised by STC Higher Education, Marie Enback, Carola Stivola/ADHD Malta, and ADHD Mind and Mission AB

Level 1 : The Adult ADHD Coaching Approach, February 27- 3 March  2023

Length: 130 h

Status: 5 ECTS credits at European qualification framework EQF, level 5.

      • 30 contact hours
      • reading books from l i terature l ist
      • study theory, customised material from class
      • study of additional scientific research and articles
      • interactions and coaching practice with peers
      • written assignment for diploma and ECST- credits
      • interactions and coaching practice with peers

Applicants for level 1. ”The adult ADHD Coaching Approach”: Adults highly knowledgable on ADHD whom within their profession are in contact with persons with ADHD on a daily bases and wishes to learn how to apply ADHD Coaching skills in their communication.

Two recordings of 1 : 1 peer sessions will need to be submitted for review. 5 ECTS credits and a diploma is awarded those who reach the requirement of completion and an approved examination within a time limit.

Level 2 : The ADHD Group Coaching Course, March 6 – 10   2023

Length: 250 h

Status: 10 ECTS credits at European qualification framework EQF, level 5.

      • 35 contact hours
      • study theory and customised material from class
      • practising to lead groups according to manual
      • leading 8 group sessions under supervision
      • assignments and additional reading of articles and books

Applicants need to have completed the level 1 course to be accepted for level 2 , or be an experienced ADHD Coach already. Students learn about group dynamics and group processes. How to apply ADHD Coaching skills in a group setting.

Graduation: 8 group coaching sessions are organised and led by students under supervision by trainer. Each session has a theme and a step by step-manual.

10 ECTS-credits are awarded after approved examination and successful period of session leading, where knowledge of theory and best-practice have been displayed.

All courses are held in Malta February-Mars. Exact dates for autumne 2023 not decided yet. Contact hours stands for hours in class in person at STC Higher Education, Malta.

Obligatory attendance: 90 % .The rest of the education hours includes self studies, practising with peers, writing assignments and/or hours of supervision on line or by phone.

The adult ADHD Coaching Approach for Psychologists, March 13-17

The adult ADHD Group Coaching for Psychologists, March 20-24


All classes and supervision by trainer and Master Certified ADHD Coach Marie Enback

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We follow the guidelines of Professional Association of ADHD Coaches´( PAAC) and their ADHD Coaching essentials.